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About The Tribute Network

Honoring others in life is essential to being human. We're here to help.

Today, more than ever, people lead fast-paced lives. In a world where habitat and technology operate like revolving doors, taking the time to honor others is at the essence of humanity. Identifying and expressing our feelings about others deserves as much time as the pursuit of all our other goals in life.

The Tribute Network focuses on honoring those we love.

TTN keeps you connected to friends and family to celebrate the joys and support the sorrows that make us human. Whether it's sharing in the laughter of a hilarious roast, celebrating the joys of a wedding, capturing grandma's favorite recipe or coping with the loss of a beloved pet, The Tribute Network takes you there.

Our mission is simple -- be your catalyst to:
Be entertained, informed, and inspired
Share your expressions and experiences
Celebrate, commemorate, honor, and remember
Bring tangibility to life experiences by helping you create and share tributes
Provide targeted information about the latest tribute-related trends
Create a community for sharing the joys and sorrows that make us human

We want to be the place you think of to honor life's journey!

The TTN Team

Meet Lynn

Welcome to The Tribute Network, where the honor is all yours to celebrate the joys and support the sorrows that make us human. My father once told me it's important to attend funerals to support the survivors and equally important to attend celebrations because those are the times of joy we remember to mitigate the times of sorrow. My mother then emphasized the importance of showing up. The Tribute Network is about that, connecting and participating to honor the impact we all have on one another.

Connecting is big part of my DNA. Maybe it was those first three weeks of life inside an incubator that solidified my desire. My mother said I clenched my hand in a fist determined to connect with life. With the surname Isenberg, which means Iron Mountain, how could I do otherwise?

Staying connected to friends, family and community diminishes the unpleasant feeling of saying good bye. That's how my life experiences brought me to the epiphany that the antidote to loss is celebration.

So I celebrate by connecting, expanding my posse along the way, from childhood on up, while attending the University of Michigan, then graduating and moving to Los Angeles to be a writer, studio executive, world traveler, founder of The Hollywood Literary Retreat, dot com revolutionary, and eventually CEO of Focus Media, Inc. (Finding Opportunities Creating Unified Success). Through FMI, I'm able to create connections that provide strategic growth and public awareness for an elite set of clients with offices in Los Angeles, Detroit and soon Austin.

Under FMI, I have also built a brand of properties inspired by my novel The Funeral Planner . This includes a TV series “with Fox TV Studios”, the non-fiction books GRIEF TRIBUTES: The Definitive Guide to Life Celebrations and GRIEF WELLNESS: The Definitive Guide to Dealing with Loss in collaboration with David M. Techner, as well as the business Lights Out Enterprises, a funeral planning and tribute video production company which led to my becoming a Celebrity Partner to the National Hospice Foundation with speaking engagements across the country.

I now find myself taking the culmination of my personal and professional experiences to develop my mission as a catalyst for inspiration, expansion, and joyful connection by launching The Tribute Network, where we can all share and honor the joy and support we provide one another. So enjoy! And remember --the honor is all yours!


P.S. Note that The Tribute Network is in its nascent stages so please be patient as we refine the content and functionality to help you share in all the honors!

TTN Advisors

Sheldon Cohn, Sr. VP, Doner Agency
Chris Fager, a Founding Member of E! Entertainment Network
Kevin Foxe, Sprocket Buckaroo Productions
Todd Greene, Encourage Marketing
Alan Kannof, Former CFO, WMA Agency
Stephen Nemeth, President, Rhino Films
Adam Taylor, President, APM Music
John Woldenberg, Producer

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